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What is Pussy Centered Living?

What is Pussy Centered Living?

Pussy Centered Living is when a self-identified woman centers her life around her Pussy ~ not
because she necessarily wants to have sex all the time, but because Pussy connects her to her
the deepest source of inner wisdom and guidance, personal empowerment, true pleasure,
radiance, vibrancy, confidence ~ all the good things she could possibly desire. By Pussy, she
means the divine essence of her feminine being, the powerful energy of her sexuality, and
the gorgeous physical geography of her own body.

The School of Pussy Centered Living

The School of Pussy Centered Living

Although my life looked ideal from the outside ~ and in many ways it was ~ I spent years feeling pretty awful, struggling as a young mother, feeling trapped within my own life.


Overwhelmed and overloaded with responsibility, I was on a quest to help myself feel better, to feel as great as my life appeared.
I thought the solution was getting more sleep... exercising more... finding the right meditation...getting organized so I could get more done... waiting for my kids to grow up... having a date night with my hubby in new lingerie...


While some of those things were helpful, the relief they afforded was short-lived. They didn't touch the deeper feelings of pain and exhaustion I struggled with every day.


The solution wasn’t any of those things - the solution was actually Pussy! Once I discovered that my life changed in beautiful and empowering ways! So much so, I knew I had to share the magical Medicine I’d discovered.


And so I created the School of Pussy Centered Living, a 12-week experience where I guide you and your sisters on a journey of reclamation - of your pleasure, your power, and of course -



“This experience was beautiful, deeply powerful and transformative. There is a confidence I have never had before that gives me a groundedness to achieve my goals. I thank Jenny so much for the work she does.”


“Jenny is a luminous force of Nature, she has given me the guidance and tools to integrate this priceless wisdom of Pussy. Her unabashed passion for Pussy Centered Living is such a gift to so many.”


“I have learned ways of honoring myself, I feel more worthy than I did at the beginning of this journey. I put up boundaries even if others don’t like it and this has created a great shift in my relationships, friends and family. My partner and I are more closer and passionate than ever… I am standing in my own power and truth.”

One on One Coaching

One on One Coaching

Sometimes, a woman has endured such intense disconnection from Pussy, she needs additional support. In this 1:1 container, we dive deeper into your specific issues, blocks, and challenges. I provide personalized Medicine to heal and integrate your relationship to your body, your sexuality, and your Pussy, so you can live fully aligned with the pleasure and power that’s your birthright.

In each 90 minute online session, I take you on a personalized journey to permanently transform the beliefs, conditioning, and experiences that have kept you struggling in your life.

Additionally, I provide continued support in between sessions, so you never have to feel alone in your journey.

This is a very deep process, and I require a 100% commitment to your own transformation. If you’re ready to make that commitment and change your life forever, click the button below, and
I look forward to connecting with you!

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