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Meet Jenny,
Sexuality + Empowerment Coach

Meet Jenny,
Sexuality + Empowerment Coach

Hi, I'm Jenny and I empower women to connect to what I call Pussy!


I wasn't always a Pussy Centered Woman, however.


The road that led me to become a sexuality + empowerment coach versed in the power of Pussy was a long one, and it first required me to traverse the landscapes of birth and death. 


The story begins, of course, with Pussy, with the birth of my first two children. That experience ushered me into my first reclamation of my feminine being.


Six years later, during which I had supported and witnessed my mama on her long journey of brain cancer, my third child was born. 

Four months later, my mama died ~ six years after they told her she had six months to live.


Those two events taught me the true meaning of surrender. 

My surrender opened the portal for Pussy to come through....she called to me, and I heeded the calling {although I did not know her as "Pussy" at that point}.


Prior to that, I'd been focused on raising children, animals, and vegetables. I then moved into recreating myself as a birth coach, helping women have empowered birth experiences. This led to my education as an ecstatic birth coach, during which I learned about the true power of pleasure.




"I have moved through major personal blocks and am able to love myself FULLY. I am more connected than EVER to my purpose and soul path. When I decree something MAJOR I can feel it manifesting… because I am a PUSSY CENTERED FOR LIFE!!!”


“I feel like a Goddess.”


“I feel more confident in my right to pleasure and trust in my own desire. I explore life and intimacy now with flexibility, I release my shame around my sexuality.”


As I shifted into embodying ecstasy and pleasure within my own being, I was introduced to Pussy by a woman named Mama Gena. 


After that, there was no turning back.

The personal empowerment I experienced through the reclamation of Pussy was unprecedented. I wanted every woman to know the pleasure and power she held within her own body! 


While I had long been connecting with the beauty and divinity of my feminine being, it wasn't until Pussy that I truly embodied it. Pussy allowed me to take the beautiful, ephemeral nature of feminine power and ground it down into my physical form. 


My connection to Pussy allowed me to see all my challenges in a new way - she was the Medicine I needed to not only ease my struggles but to step fully into the woman I truly was meant to be ~ the woman I am today. 


Of course, I couldn't keep this magical Medicine all to myself! 

Now I guide other women to reclaim their bodies, their sexuality, their pleasure, and their power ~ ✨PUSSY!✨ ~ so they can create lives in which they truly THRIVE.


What I've seen is that any woman who restores connection to her Pussy restores her ability to create her life exactly how she wants it. 

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